Jennifer Kramer

06 avril 2013

She had on a short black skirt with a blue and black billowy top

The heat hit him like a slap in the face and he walked quickly to the front porch to get out of the sun. Mendorians tended to sweat from their palms and feet and the last thing he needed was a soggy handshake when he met Angelic’s relatives. He reached over and pulled the smooth, metal handle attached to the long rope. Bong, ding, twinkle, pang buy youtube views announced his arrival. A tradition in Auster since the Age of Anarchy was to have a unique and musical door chime. Each different musical tone designated which faction or political belief you followed. Before the end of the Worldwide Wars, the sound of your chimes could mean the difference between life and death. Fortunately, it just meant hello now. He liked this one, especially the pang at the end, which was very distinctive. The large wooden door opened a few moments later. You must be Cray. Please come in out of the heat.

Angelic is almost ready, her uncle said offering Cray the Mendorian handshake. Cray placed his right hand on top of the outstretched left buy youtube views palm of her uncle’s. It’s nice to meet you. You have a very nice dwelling, sir, Cray said nervously. Thanks, my name is Hessup and you don’t have to be so formal. Come in and sit down. He led Cray into the family room. It had a cathedral ceiling and a large stone fireplace. Above the fireplace was a portrait of a beautiful, young woman that caught his eye. He could see the resemblance to buy youtube views Angelic immediately. She is lovely, he thought. Must be the wife. Angelic tells me you are a scientist on the Starcruiser Project. That must be exciting work. Would you like something to drink? he asked as his wife entered from the kitchen. I have some fresh, chilled kudzu tea. Would you like some? she asked moving closer to get a better look.

No thanks, I’m fine, he replied. I’m Cray, he said and extended his hand. Definitely the wife. And I’m Sera. Angelic has been looking forward to this all week and I can see why. She winked at him and smiled. The feeling is mutual, Cray stammered and blushed. He heard a door close upstairs. Please be Angelic. There was a long balcony overhead, on the right side of the fireplace. A spiral staircase was attached to the middle of the balcony, leading down into the family room. Cray and Hessup looked up at the same time. Angelic walked over to the staircase. She looked down at Cray and smiled. Wow, she is beautiful.

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